Monday, November 21, 2011

The Process

This is just an attempt to do something interesting with the buffet. Still missing a little pizzazz...good thing that the fun is in the process!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

life goes by....

Since I took such a lengthy blog vacation I thought I'd back track to May. It is really an epic life event to have a child graduate from High School! Weird. They are still your child, you are still their parent, but from the time they're little the idea is to teach them independence, good decision making and to prepare them for adulthood. Graduation from High School felt kind of like a closure to that "offcial" process. The first time she came home from college for the weekend it was weirder yet, because she was "visiting"... and left again. That is kind of when it hit that "coming and going" will be how it is from now on. Excited for her and all she is learning - about independence and all the little things of life as well as academics... So the adventure continues and we're Thankful!