Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Ramblings

A pretty normal week here! Work, housework, schoolwork, carpentry work etc! Jon had his recheck appointment and we found out that the culture was "bad". It didn't show any growth of any kind so it is still possible that he had MRSA. I guess I am kind of glad the culture didn't show anything because his medical record has not been "branded" as MRSA positive....

Today, Joel is trying to get the boys and gear ready to go icefishing. Beth is at a speech meet in Broken Bow and Jayne is babysitting for the neighbors who are in the process of moving to town.

Joel and I are having fun planning our patio. We are saving our pennies (literally) so that we can build a patio off the back this Spring. We both have the buiding bug I guess! It's really fun to plan and plot and then see the plans come together.

Ben, Jon and Matt all got new shoes this week and I am tickled at how excited they are about them! They don't want to wear them outside so they will stay nice and clean. Matt has switched from the trumpet to the baritone and is loving it so far. I think he's practiced at least 2 hours if not more!

One thing my husband did this week was try to cut the boys' hair. Let's just say I have been asked to redo it... I think when I started to laugh because Jon looks like Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber" it was the writing on the wall! Hopefully we'll get that done before church tomorrow!

Bye for now!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy Week!

Last Friday I took Jon in to the doctor for a "crusty" looking belly button and to make a long story short he ended up in the hospital from Sunday to Thursday! It's funny how I will look ahead on the calendar and think I've got my schedule planned out and "poof" my plans are no more! I was going to spend a lot of time at work this last week, but that didn't happen. Instead I spent a lot of time watching HGTV... The doc was fairly confident Jon had MRSA so that is why Ben is all gowned and gloved in the picture. Thankfully that wasn't it, and I suppose we'll hear the latest at our follow up next week.
Today it is almost 60 degrees outside. Joel is finishing gutting the trailer house so he can use it as a workshop. I have plenty of projects for him on my list! I also have lots of projects of my own, like curtains to hem, chairs to paint and recover... seems like I have a hard time getting the usual stuff done let alone my special projects, but projects are the fun things....
For all of you who prayed for our little Jon -THANKS!!! He seems to be back to 100%.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to the Blog

Joel and I were looked at the blog this afternoon, checking out what we were working on a year ago.... It was fun and made me realize how much of a diary the blog is and how nice it is to look back and see what we were up to! So Back to the Blog and we'll see if I can manage to update consistently!
We had a fun New Year's Eve party. Kids were downstairs, men in the kitchen and women in the living room. It was nice to be able to spread out and have alot of people over without crowding out : ) The boys got more Nerf dart guns for Christmas and they are currently battling their dad as I type and they played quite a bit on New Year's Eve too.
The latest house project was finishing the banquette in the kitchen. It's funny how all the kids want to sit on it, even though we thought it would comfortably sit four on the bench, they all squeeze in : )