Monday, April 12, 2010

Here you can actually see my furniture - also the garden shed and those ladder back chairs are a project I've been working on them painted and the strapping is almost done on the seats....I posted more pics this morning and if you'd like to see them, click on the "older posts" link.... too much to fit onto one page!

Random pics

Here are some pics of the garden shed, Matt's critters, Easter and the new furniture. It's been busy around here....We have a huge dirt mover and a road grader in our yard. Our dirt guy came on Saturday and moved a bunch of dirt for our garage (that's the first step of a "5 year plan". The garden shed actually took about as long to build as our whole house : ) The neighbors said we could have the scrap wood off of a couple of old buildings and the tin is recycled too. I will post some pics of the dirt moving and the results some time....(not going to say when!!) : )

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Baby, New Dress, New Couch!

Last week my new nephew, Edward James arrived into the world!! He was 8# even and is very cute. He reminds me a lot of my brother. This week Beth turned 17!!!!!! We celebrated the day by shopping for a prom dress. I want to post a pic, but I think she wants to get her haircut before I take a pic.....

I also ordered a new couch on Wednesday. It is supposed to be in for pickup next Friday so we will have to go to Kearney to get it. Also foudn a few more things for the house at Hobby Lobby - still working on my Christmas gift card. - Thanks Joel!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Chicks and Snow

Baby chicks are supposed to epitomize Spring, but we have baby chicks, baby ducks and snow today....

Matt went to town this morning and spent his birthday money. As soon as he heard that Bomgaars had chicks in stock, he was a man on a mission. He built a hutch and got everything ready so now he is in 7th Heaven taking care of his new livestock.

Jon is on medicine again for his belly-button. The Bactrim is holding things at bay, so hopefully we will be able to stay out of the hospital... All prayers appreciated in that direction.

The little boys are headed to their cousin's birthday party this afternoon. Better go wrap that present - I know it's going to be a hit becuase when Ben saw it he said "Ahhh, I wanted one of those..." : ) No better seal of approval I suppose!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The End of February!

This month has gone by quickly, but they all do....

Last week I worked in South Dakota every day for at least 8 hours and then drove about 1300 miles on top of that, so it was wild, but thankfully all went as planned and I got about 75% of what needed to be done, done. I just have a huge amount of data entry left to do....

Today church was great - just didn't get to visit with everyone I wanted to talk to. Tonight Joel's band and another band from Norfolk have a concert in Ainsworth. Joel's pickup blew it's heater core for the 4th time in one year last week so I need to take him into town. Then we are leaving the car in town tonight so it can get alligned and oil changed, so tomorrow I will be happily stuck at home, doing laundry and taxes (that's the plan).

We might/might not get a refund on those pesky taxes, but if we do we are going to have some boring road maintenance done on our driveway. We have a lake.... I don't plan on washing our car until June..BUT I am so happy we've had a little warm weather!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flat Tires (yes - plural)

Last Friday I was stuck behind a slow truck on my way to Rosebud so I decided to take the dirt road short cut. This road is gravel for about 10 miles and then it turns to a narrow, winding paved road - it's a really pretty drive and I've taken that "shortcut" before but I usually try to stick with the highway. Anyway, I ran over something and had a flat about 1/2 mile from town. I get to the convenience store and pull around the back and lo and behold there's Scotty, the coke truck driver who goes to my church!! He was early to that stop and I "just happened" to arrive with my flat tire just in time for him to change it for me. VERY grateful to God for His care and provision. When I realized my tire was flat, I didn't panic exactly but the "OH NO!!!!" feeling hit hard.

Yesterday I was about 6 miles north of Crookston NE in the absolute middle of nowhere when I again had a flat tire. This time the fencing staple was still in the tire, so I know what I hit.... My first thought was "is this really happening AGAIN" but I also had a neat sense of peace. I thought "I saw Scotty do this, I can do this". I unloaded the trunk, which was full of boxes, and then I got busy. I prayed my way through figuring out how the jack worked and also prayed off a couple of lug nuts that didn't want to move... but I did it. A car came by when I was basically finished and the man asked me if he could do anything so I had him wrench on the lug nuts to make sure they were tight and then off I went. The Tire shop couldn't save my tire but they still had the good tire they replaced last Friday, so they put that on for me.... (I got 2 new tires last week, but obviously only one was bad)

Just writing this down so I will remember, may be a little boring to the masses... : ) Not only did Jesus watch over me last week, He also knew I needed a quick refresher on tire changing. I have never had to change a tire, always said that I knew how to do it "in theory".... : )

I did make a comment after church Sunday - "I guess God knows I can't change a tire..." Well, I think He smiled when I said that and said "Yes you can!"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sick of sick

It seems like every few months we get hit with a wave of "sick".... Jon started on Thursday night, then Ben followed Sunday night, I was sick Monday and Tuesday, Matt went down yesterday ETC! I am always amazed at what a wimpy complainer I am when I don't feel good... good health is SUCH a blessing. All that was wrong with me was no appetite and complete exhaustion... so I just slept. What's to complain about there?! : ) Feeling better now but not 100%. It just reminds me that I have it very good - and I should be thankful! There are billions of people in the world without a soft bed, warm blankets and pillows, heat, hot water and not to mention a variety of OTC pain killers. I have it SO good, even when I'm sick...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Posting for the sake of posting!

I have been trying to post once a week, but I didn't get it done on Saturday. We helped some friends move in the morning, then I shopped some in the afternoon, home to housework and then on Sunday- church, potluck, business meeting, headed to Valentine where we had another potluck at Second Wind and then Joel preached.... I know the above is a very long sentence but I hope it makes the point that it was a BUSY weekend!

Lots to do today also since my hope is to work Tues-Thursday in South Dakota and Friday I have to run errands in town - I need to learn the art of packing my days and getting stuff DONE instead of just started.... I give myself permission to keep learning, life is a process and I will never arrive this side of glory : )

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Ramblings

A pretty normal week here! Work, housework, schoolwork, carpentry work etc! Jon had his recheck appointment and we found out that the culture was "bad". It didn't show any growth of any kind so it is still possible that he had MRSA. I guess I am kind of glad the culture didn't show anything because his medical record has not been "branded" as MRSA positive....

Today, Joel is trying to get the boys and gear ready to go icefishing. Beth is at a speech meet in Broken Bow and Jayne is babysitting for the neighbors who are in the process of moving to town.

Joel and I are having fun planning our patio. We are saving our pennies (literally) so that we can build a patio off the back this Spring. We both have the buiding bug I guess! It's really fun to plan and plot and then see the plans come together.

Ben, Jon and Matt all got new shoes this week and I am tickled at how excited they are about them! They don't want to wear them outside so they will stay nice and clean. Matt has switched from the trumpet to the baritone and is loving it so far. I think he's practiced at least 2 hours if not more!

One thing my husband did this week was try to cut the boys' hair. Let's just say I have been asked to redo it... I think when I started to laugh because Jon looks like Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber" it was the writing on the wall! Hopefully we'll get that done before church tomorrow!

Bye for now!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy Week!

Last Friday I took Jon in to the doctor for a "crusty" looking belly button and to make a long story short he ended up in the hospital from Sunday to Thursday! It's funny how I will look ahead on the calendar and think I've got my schedule planned out and "poof" my plans are no more! I was going to spend a lot of time at work this last week, but that didn't happen. Instead I spent a lot of time watching HGTV... The doc was fairly confident Jon had MRSA so that is why Ben is all gowned and gloved in the picture. Thankfully that wasn't it, and I suppose we'll hear the latest at our follow up next week.
Today it is almost 60 degrees outside. Joel is finishing gutting the trailer house so he can use it as a workshop. I have plenty of projects for him on my list! I also have lots of projects of my own, like curtains to hem, chairs to paint and recover... seems like I have a hard time getting the usual stuff done let alone my special projects, but projects are the fun things....
For all of you who prayed for our little Jon -THANKS!!! He seems to be back to 100%.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to the Blog

Joel and I were looked at the blog this afternoon, checking out what we were working on a year ago.... It was fun and made me realize how much of a diary the blog is and how nice it is to look back and see what we were up to! So Back to the Blog and we'll see if I can manage to update consistently!
We had a fun New Year's Eve party. Kids were downstairs, men in the kitchen and women in the living room. It was nice to be able to spread out and have alot of people over without crowding out : ) The boys got more Nerf dart guns for Christmas and they are currently battling their dad as I type and they played quite a bit on New Year's Eve too.
The latest house project was finishing the banquette in the kitchen. It's funny how all the kids want to sit on it, even though we thought it would comfortably sit four on the bench, they all squeeze in : )