Thursday, June 25, 2009

The End.

Today we went to the bank, signed who-knows-how-many different forms telling us the same thing in 5 different ways... and now the construction draw account is closed and we have a mortgage!!! The Loan officer asked me a week ago if I was excited about closing and I said "not as much as I thought I'd be...." After all, we've been done for awhile, living in our house and just waiting on paperwork...but I was more excited afterwards than I thought I'd be. It really is nice to be officially done with everything.

My two assumptions about building a house was that it would take longer and cost more than we wanted it to. It DID take longer, but our mortgage is less than we budgeted so that is a very good thing. There are definitely things we'd do differently, but overall we are very happy with how it all turned out!

The busy month of June is not slowing down a whole lot, but some. Beth passed her driver's ed driving portion of the test today. (Yay Beth) I made it through my Kansas City training last week. I was in SD yesterday, will be tomorrow and possibly Saturday too. Jayne helped cook at camp this last week and Jon and Matt were campers. They are taking a mandatory nap at the moment.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy June

My blogging has been fewer and farther between! I doubt anyone is reading this anymore - I imagine I have frustrated away any fans : )

I guess I need to transition this to a "family happenings" blog. House news is tapering off especially since the walls are so void of decor and my house is not really feeling homey yet. Bare walls, bare windows aren't exactly warm and welcoming but we will get there and I will post pics of any exciting changes. The only changes in the last month were that the phone line was finally buried and we got to pay $400+ dollars for the surveyor to come back and verify that the house is actually on our property. That was a little bit of a "grr". Did we really need a professional to do that?!?!?

In the last month, Matt broke his foot. Beth is getting ready to start drivers ed next week and will hopefully be a fully licensed driver after that wraps up. I am going to work in SD tomorrow, take 4 kids to the dentist on Thursday, work in Bassett Friday and in SD again on Saturday. Sunday I leave for a conference in KC. Jayne goes to UNMC this week to participate in a science camp. BUSY JUNE!!!! I am anxious to get it all behind me.

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