Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still At It!

Here are some pictures of the progress. I think that 90% of all the trim is ready to cut and put up. The front is on the peninsula and all the upstairs doors and closets are trimmed out! Lots done, lots left to do but it's FINISH work :) We are really happy with how it is all turning out.

The last picture is of Tanny out on her porch. I was thinking that I should start blogging on my "product reviews"; to tell you the things we used that were really good and the stuff that was less than expected... This vinyl floor is a super dirt hider - just want I need in a porch that houses the shoes of 7 people and a big dog. So it gets a...... "10"!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last BIG Trip!

Today Joel and I took our last major trip to Menards. We came home with around 50 pieces of trim, a ceiling fan, 3 rolls of carpet and 4 rolls of pad, several big sheets of plywood, and MORE! I am so thankful for the safe trip - always a little nerve wracking with a fully loaded trailer. Joel changed a trailer tire this morning before we left and then when we got to Norfolk the spare was leaking air around the rim...

Ben came with us and we had such a great time with him. He was sitting in the back and looked over Joel's shoulder to ask how many "pernhour" (miles per hour) we were going... He just said funny things all day long and was very patient. It was a great day.

One thing that kind of made my day was that when we ordered the carpet we did not order the pad - neither of us can remember why we didn't. Pad is now on sale as "free with carpet purchase" so they adjusted things out and our pad price came down to 8 cents per foot instead of 44 cents. Yippee :)

I am also excited about my next trip to Menards becuase it will probably involve at the very most the pickup, hopefully just the car and certainly not a big trailer!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God Cares About Stain Color...

Through this entire house building process I have prayed about things like the building site, paint colors, cabinets etc. We started to stain the other day and I realized I hadn't prayed about stain colors. I guess I just felt a little silly considering that it really isn't that important. We'd already started and I felt like it was a little late but I prayed anyway asking God to help us get this right...

After applying and wiping the first coat I wasn't happy with it at all. The pine grain just seemed to loose for the maple cupboards and teak floor and then the color seemed so washed out compared to the richness and depth of the cabinets... Joel came in for lunch and I said "Let's do another coat..." he agreed and we brushed the second coat rather than wiping it with a rag. What a difference!!! Here are the pictures of the doors and it couldn't have turned more like what we wanted although the sample boards we tried were just nothing like what we ended up with. Thanks to the Lord for guiding us, even in the smallest, most insignificant detail of our lives. It is NEVER too late to ask for help : )

Jayne also celebrated a birthday this month. She baked and decorated her own cake. She only asked for a 50 ct. set of colored pencils and then for her birthday supper she chose subway sandwiches and insisted on taking orders for everyone and "packaged" them up in napkins. Pretty easy day for Mom!! Wasn't such an easy day 14 years ago, so I guess I will enjoy this :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Joel's Favorite Board

Joel and I spent the entire day staining the trim for the upstairs. We are really happy about how it turned out. We ended up doing two coats on some of it because it was just too washed out and we are NOT going to cut corners to get done quickly at this point, too much invested to take a shortcut now!! I got a kick out of Joel because as we worked he made the comment, "This one is my favorite board" You have to be a woodworker to truly appreciate that! He beleives that building a bow (as in a bow and arrow) is a piece of wood's "highest form" but for pine, our trim is as good as it can aspire to.
We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Joel has been so thankful that work has been slow becuase he has a lot lined up for the spring/summer and fall and his spare time will be nonexistent in just a few of weeks. Our goal is to be completely finished by the end of March.

The other pictures are of Jon and Ben's school of barracuda and Beth's room. She had a friend spend the weekend. It was so great to actually have a comfortable place for company and that extra bathroom!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Kids

Real Quick,

Beth spent her first night in her OWN ROOM! She said that she was "so happy" when she got home and saw her bed and desk all arranged. Jayne was also happy to have her drums in her room. Those two have been waiting for a long time. They had about a 6x10 room for 7 months in the trailer house and then haved shared a 10x12 space with a queen bed and twin bed since we moved into the new house. It's nice that they appreciate their new spaces :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Report

Jon and Ben's room has the closet finished, everything else is primed and the ceiling and part of the walls are painted. The little boys are having an "ocean room" so we have to do it in stages. The sky is finished, so now the water and sand... This is going to be a Joel project. He is a little nervous about how it will all turn out. I'm confident that they will love it :)

Beth's room is all painted and now she is scrubbing the floor getting that ready for paint. Yesterday she scraped, swept and scrubbed it with a brush. She will finish up with mopping tonight and then we'll take over from there. She and Jayne have both been told that they will need to keep their doors shut - Beth's room is a teal and it is also a little bit of a shock when you walk in the door...

Moving along - slowly but surely!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The End Of All Dust

Joel just finished sanding the last two bedrooms downstairs. He came upstairs and did a little happy dance and CLOUDS of dust were billowing off of him. I know that this won't be "the end of all dust", because there will be saw dust, but saw dust smells nice and doesn't make your hands instantly dried out and gross feeling. Thankfully we had another beautiful day so we could leave the heat off.

Tonight we are going to have a little picnic with friends, then I imagine we will clean like the wind. Tomorrow we are hopefully going to have some friends for lunch (if they can make it) and in the midst of that we want to get things primed and painted so that everyone can get into thier own rooms.

WOW and YAY!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Been Awhile!

Wow - the time is flying by! I need to update, but I don't have a whole lot of exciting things to report. I was happy to spend my Monday cleaning. It was nice to not have to go to town or work on the computer, just clean :)

Joel is about ready to sand the remaining two bedrooms. Then on to painting those. Beth has picked out a dark teal, Jon and Ben are going to have an ocean theme and Daddy is going to do a shark and some other fish on the walls. Then on to trim, the stairs and the carpet.

Yesterday the banker stopped by to take pictures. He just took a few shots of the outsidea and stuck his head in the door. I guess they trust us that we are actually spending money on our house and not taking extended Hawiian vacations :)

Talk to you later!