Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jayne News Flash

Nothing earth shattering to report! I really liked her doc, he spent time explaining things and looking at her old x-rays. He was going to send her for a CT scan and then decided that he didn't really like the views they took in Ainsworth, so he just redid her elbow x-ray. That told him what he needed to know. Basically when she broke it before, it did not "remodel" correctly and doesn't ride perfectly in the socket. It is also a little dislocated. Surgery could actually make it worse. If they did succeed in giving her more range of motion towards her shoulder (flexion) it would reduce her ability to straighten her arm - SO - in the last day or so she has gotten some improvement, not able to flex it as much as before her accident, but enough so she can touch her face with her hand. That is going to be good enough for us :) That joint is just going to be a little touchy...

One funny... The doctor's name is Bruce Wilkinson. His name just sounded so familiar so I asked him if he ever does outreach clinics in Ainsworth or Valentine and he doesn't... I was really puzzled as to from where I knew his name. It was not until I was sitting at a stoplight that I put together the fact that Bruce Wilkinson wrote the "Prayer of Jabez" and "Secrets of the Vine" Oh well, my brain cells do kick in, just a little slow at times!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!! So much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the $1.65 gas I bought in Kearney today :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is a promised picture of the yellow! Really though, just like the kitchen colors aren't even close on my computer, this yellow in the pic doesn't look nearly as "vibrant" as the one on my walls....

Our weekly plans have already shifted around for the week. Jayne and I are leaving early on Wednesday for the orthopedic doc in Kearney. Pray that all goes well if you happen to think of us!

The Week in Preview

I am sitting here with Ben on my lap trying to type(he has set my computer-time timer for 10 minutes...) and since it is Thanksgiving week, I wanted to give you a heads-up on why I don't exect to get much done on the house and why you can also pray for us if we come to mind!

I emailed a pediatrician friend about Jayne's arm and he thought we should get her in to an ortho in a "reasonably brief period of time..." I will be making some phone calls on that today. Tomorrow is a big day of work, then I get to go to Gregory for Mike and Tegan's baby shower in the evening!! Yay - can't wait! :) Then Wednesday our little Ben turns the big 5! Obviously, Thanksgiving is Thursday. I love Thanksgiving - we will go to Gregory for dinner and here in Long Pine with Joel's side in the evening. Friday we hope to have some family over to see our house, eat some soup etc. LOTS going on, it looks to be a super week, just need to prioritize and not waste my time piddling and fiddling :)

The time just went off.... See you soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Again, again, again and again. (AND AGAIN!)

I took Jayne back to the Doc this morning because she can bend her elbow to about 90 degrees and no more!! I don't feel like they were able to tell much from the x-ray, basically it looks fine and if there isn't marked improvement by Wednesday she needs to be seen again... The girls went to a "High School Musical 3" party and then to see the show. I would be in bed now, but I have to go to town to get them soon.

I discovered that if you want to get rid of sheetrock dust you have to sweep, sweep again, then again and again. Then you get the shop vac and go over the whole floor with a little 4" attachment. Then you get the mop. After you mop, it will dry and look like you smeared sheetrock mud-dust all over the floor :)

Joel finished the first coat of mud in the great room, so there is progress there too!

Talk to you again later!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Owwie for Jayne

Well, yesterday Joel finished the edging, outlets, switches and started on mudding and taping the great room. I worked on scrubbing floors and moving junk! Then my plans were changed when the school nurse called to say that Jayne had fallen down in PE and hurt her wrist. Jayne's story was that she flipped "like, 500 ft" into the air and had no idea how she landed. This morning her neck was sore, she has scrapes on knees and an elbow in addition to having a nasty sprained wrist. We are happy it's not broken!! but that doesn't make it easier to get dressed, write, draw, play piano, do dishes, put away laundry or any other of her daily activities. I was her homework scribe last night and I imagine that will continue for a little while at least. (I learned how to make a split bar graph on Civil War statistics...) :)

Today I am just tackling laundry... Hopefully I will get back to work in the big house this evening!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night....

Today Joel set cabinets and hooked up outlets. The electrician is going to come out tomorrow to show Joel something on the GFCI's. Apparently they were supposed to be labeled a certain way and weren't so they aren't so straightforward. I got all the painting done. Joel is going to do the edging, so my part in the painting is done for now. Wednesday my plan is to clean the big house from top to bottom. Tomorrow I leave for work at 6am so not a lot planned for me tomorrow besides "real" work!

The camera batteries are dead so no pics of the yellow mud and laundry room. Just imagine a bright sunny day and you will just about have it - just don't forget your shades! :) I told the girls that they need to remember that 90% of the yellow will be covered up, so while it is pretty intense, it won't be so shocking when it's all put together.

"Talk" to you again soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ma and Pa

Mom and Dad were here yesterday, they worked hard and we accomplished a lot! I told my Dad that if he did a really good job mudding the seams, I was going to claim all his work as my own and impress my husband. Mom said that they did not raise a liar...

Today I was just going to clean my house and not work in the big house, because the trailer is MESSY/DIRTY! but I decided to just clean my bathroom, throw in a load of laundry, make Matt wash dishes and then go paint! I wanted to see my yellow on the wall. One thing about Joel adn I is that we may not be the type to ride roller coasters or climb mountains, but heck, we ain't afraid of color! I painted a wall, then stepped back a ways to look at it, and my first reaction was WHOA! I will go take a picture of it and you will see what I mean (I do like it...) :)

Thanks again Mom and Dad - you are a lesson is self-sacrifice, kindness and generosity!! I love you both very much (and not just because you do stuff for me!)
Joel is guiding this weekend - it is rifle deer season. His hunter got a deer yesterday so he will be home soon and able to work on the house this week!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


We were holding our breath, very pleased with how all the cabinets arrived in great condition, they were all the right size, fit correctly and then WHAM - we got to the very last peice of countertop and the Menards computer had put the overhang for the counter into the kitchen, so we had about a 10" span of countertop hanging over our drawers and cupboards!!! Anyway, all is well, Menards said it was their mistake, they are replacing it but it won't be in until the first week of December...

Oh by the way - I DO like my countertop with my cabinets :) Nice to finally see it all together.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unorthodox construction ways

Hi all,

Real quick, We are hanging cabinets! :) Joel is happy but not happy at the same time because the carpenter in him says, we are NOT doing things in order!!! That grates on him, but I appreciate the fact that he wants to get us in the house and is willing to be a little unorthodox in his construction timetable. The uppers are done, the lowers are out of the box and he plans on working on them more tonight. I have already decided what goes into what drawer, cupboard etc. I can't imagine how it will feel to have a separate drawer for my potholders?!?! That will be great :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Painted Walls!

I painted and painted and painted yesterday and got the priming done, two coats on the ceilings and 1.5 coats on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom! I was pleased.

Today, I spent some time touching up some spots and have some touch ups yet to do on the ceiling. Joel helped with the painting last night and hooked up some lights and also worked on organizing all the tools/materials he has collected in the house. I will admit that we just want to sit and look at it :) I don't know what the color looks like on your screen but it is a moss-olive green, we really like it and can't wait to see how it all looks when the kitchen gets put together!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Joel's Conflicted Heart

Joel stayed home today, finished sanding and also textured the kitchen,mudroom, laundry room, master bedroom and upstairs bath!!!! I am planning to paint tomorrow. If the weather cooperates, Joel is planning to sit in his treestand. That is what his conflicted heart is all about... it is optimal deer hunting time and he has hardly been out hunting! In the picture where he's holding the masker and looking out the window, can you guess what he is looking at... YES, IT's A DEER!

Thanks to Coralee for coming today to help clean. You can see all the dust in the air in the pic, but it is all cleaned up now!!

Lord willing I will have some post paint pictures tomorrow night, we shall see!

Thanks for stopping-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Jump on the Snow...

I needed to make a Menard's run this week and after looking at the weather I decided that we'd better go today! It was gorgeous in Norfolk - 67 degrees and cold here at our house, so I made the right move. Ben and I had a great time. He got a little tired of riding about 40min out of Norfolk, but he made it and we had so much fun! I did get a refrigerator today, I had priced one in town and saved myself over $300 on that alone. We have also decided on vinyl instead of tile, and I found some that I really liked. Carpet decisions are going to have to wait. Joel wants plush, I want frieze. That is going to be a hard compromise, but we'll just keep looking...

I also had a wonderful phone call from my interior designer friend. I told her what color we'd chosen and she confirmed our thoughts on how/why it works so well with the cranberry cupboards. She also told us what color to get for the ceilings, so Yay! That was so helpful. It's one thing to have a gut feeling about something, it's another to have an expert tell you "why" you have your gut feeling :) She takes the self-doubt out of it :) (Thanks PamT)

Stay Warm and thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


November is such a great month becuase we just get to focus on being Thankful!!

- I am thankful that no matter who wins the election, it doesn't change the fact that God is always "on the job" and "in control"!

- I am thankful for the gorgeous fall weather - wow, since when did we get 70 degree days in November :)

- I am thankful for a husband who works tirelessly to get this place done!

- I am thankful for the kids enthusiam for helping in the big house!

- I am thankful that I found the right color - FINALLY!! I have a color theory I will share sometime, when I have a little more time... The body color we chose in not the light green above, but the more olivish-green... (We like it!)

Thanks for checking up on us!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Happenings of the Day

The goals for this week haven't quite been realized, (Suprise!!) :) But lots of progress has been made.

First of all, our anti-social cat Caddie finally decided to let the remaining kittens hang out with her. She usually hisses and spits at them. I'm not sure what made the change but her disposition is sweetening!

Second, the door finally recieved paint! That was my task for the day and Joel did the places I couldn't reach. I hope you haven't been holding your breath waiting to see what color I picked... :)

Third, all that will be remaining in the kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, bathroom and master bedroom before sanding is just touchups and outside corners! I think Joel's seams look awesome and since we are going to texture I could just forget about the sanding, but Joel is not going for that idea. We hope to be painting next weekend.

The frustrating part of the day was picking paint colors. Joel got a quart of "laurel" in town this morning its not what we want. It just shouldn't be this difficult! I have another color I want to try so we will see how that goes on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you are enjoying the great weather!!