Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Cold Is Coming....

I have been busy mudding nail holes and I've talked Joel into letting me do the horizontal seams on the walls. It's a fun job but I will be at work today and tomorrow, so no big house work for me.

Pray for us about what do with the trailer as it starts getting cold. I am voting to just shut off the water before it freezes and rough it; going back and forth to the big house, but my husband wants to skirt the trailer, convert the furnace to propane and heat it. As I see it, the problem is that he likes to do things right, and I don't care so much about the "right way". :) He is a good guy and just wants us to be warm and have water, but my cheap, pioneering soul wants to save money and time.... I just want to move into my big house!!!!!

The saga continues...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Great Room

Thanks Cousin Jason - they came up this weekend for some R&R and Jason spent most of his Saturday afternoon helping Joel put up sheetrock in the Great Room. IT's DONE!!! They finished up, shot some clay pigeons with the kids, then we went down to camp for a spaghetti supper and now they are headed out to Joel's aunts to watch the game. What a nice day!! Kris and I went to the thrift store and I found a bunch of blue jeans for the kids and even a pair for me :)

It's hard not to become obsessed with house building at this point, still lots to do, but sheetrock makes the place start to look like the end is in sight. We still plan to finish the upstairs before we start on the basement and we are well on our way!!

FYI: The picture of Joel and the hoist is a shot of the platform we had to build to hang the peak. Our sheetrock hoist only goes 11 feet and the ceiling is a 12 footer so it was a little tricky, but it is all done and that is such a great feeling.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Good Shock!

I got home from work yesterday evening to see that we now how walls! Joel took off early and sheetrocked the laundry room, mud room and adjoining hallway. It was amazing to see the actual room - Now if I can just get my seam tape lesson, I will be ready to start the mudding process. We plan to sheetrock, mud, texture and paint everything upstairs except the kitchen. Then we will move the stuff out of the kitchen and finish that room. It is happening faster then I expected and it is exciting!

Note in one of the pictures: yes, that is blood on Joel's face. That sheetrock can be pretty mean stuff :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Everyone and Their Dog!

What a morning! I looked out the window to see a big truck with an even bigger stack of sheetrock coming down the drive. While I can't imagine how unloading 212 sheets of sheetrock, the majority of it 12-footers, on a Saturday morning would be anyone's idea of fun, our friend Dave put together a big crew. Thanks to all!!!!!!! It was just plain hard work, but there were no complainers and thankfully God kept everyone safe and "backs intact". Toby and Scotty brought their little puppy Bullador "Hershey" along, very cute and very sweet. Puppies are always fun.

I posted a pic of Joel hanging the first sheet of sheetrock - we got the whole side of the cathedral done and one sheet up in the bedroom. The shorter ceilings are going to go a lot faster. We are very thankful to be on to the next phase, but trying not to think too much about how long it's going to take... Just trying to focus on everything we've already accomplished!!!!!!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keep Moving Forward!

Last Saturday Joel worked hard to get the stair treads on so that he could move all of that lumber out of the kitchen. Then we got all of the kitchen cabinets, flooring etc. moved into kitchen where it will stay. Our plan is that the kitchen will be the last room to sheetrock and mud, but the first to paint. That way we can minimize the "back and forth" of stuff. With the great room cleared out, we got the insulation done on the ceiling and also the high side wall insulation is stapled up.

Joel has had a good week. We have been gone every evening, but our big list is dwindling! That is exciting. We have company coming for supper tonight so I am a little torn between "big house" and "little house" work... There is plenty to be done is both locales!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Worst Nightmare!

Here is another little awards ceremony. The finalists for "Joel's Worst Nightmare" are:

1. Having a house full of cabinets, doors and countertop delivered before we are ready for them, thus creating a large pile of stuff to manuver around...

2. A toad in the dryer vent ducts, placed there by our four year old...

3. A wife who loves her cabinets, her flooring but NOT her countertops...
(She just tells herself that she can live with it and that while not the greatest choice it's "ok" and will do)

And the winner is.... "A House Full of Crap" :) The toad was rescued and Joel likes the countertops so it was a pretty clear victory for number one.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The List

Since I lost (and now found) Joel's Master List of everything he wants to finish before we start sheetrock, I thought I would post it - that way you can check out all the details and I will not worry about losing the list again!

Frame Attic Storage Area (Check!)
Frame Basement Windows (Check!)
Frame Below Staircase Storage Area (Check!)
Tape Duct Joints (Check!)
Water Pressure Test
Water Dishcharge Line
Back Up Heat Service 6-2 Wire
"P" Trap in condensation Line
Vent Block in Jayne's Room (Check!)
Thermostat Hookup
Insulate Great Room Ceiling (Check!)
Insulate Headers/Windows
Frame Kitchen Doorway (Check!)
Insulate crack in NE corner of Mudroom (Check!)
Insulation Blocks in Truss Bays
Fur out ridge beam great room (Check!)
Wire for exhaust hood

Yikes - THat is a big list, some of it will take just a few minutes, some a few hours, but thankfully we are down to the "leftovers".

The exciting part of today is that Menards is delivering LOTS of stuff - flooring, countertops, doors and kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity and cabinets. We aren't really ready for all that yet, but it was on sale, so we ordered it! If it were up to me, I would take all the cabinets out of the box and set up my kitchen just so I could look at it for awhile :) Thankfully Joel is a little smarter than me, I know he'll let me take one out of the box and set some countertop on it, and I know we will need to check stuff for damage, but it is going to be so fun to see it all!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Hello

I did take pictures this weekend, but since it is raining and the camera is over at the house, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see them!

Joel got tons done. We have the ceilings all done in the half of the basement where the ducts and plumbing run. Its amazing that the "low" 8' ceiling is still almost a whole foot higher than our camp house! It is really nice and we both agreed that we're glad we went for the 9' basement walls. I think I already mentioned that the return air ducts are run, all Joel has left is to drop the flexduct down to ceiling ht. Then I think HVAC will be done inside and all we have left there is to trench a line for the discharge.

I stapled more insulation and smashed my finger with the stapler. I was having trouble getting the staples to bed all the way so I was in the habit of whacking the wall REALLY hard. I think I will have a black finger nail to show for it - That must mean I am a real carpenter :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Running "Ducks"

Hi All,

Joel worked here at home today since it was raining. He finished the return air ducts, and is about 1/3 done with the air vents to the rooms. It was a really, really good day!!!

It was also the first "soup day" of the fall with taco soup made from my garden corn, tomatoes and peppers with onion from Coralee - Yum :) It is pretty cool to eat fresh. Tomorrow I am in desperate need to freeze tomatoes, beans and zucchini, plus I want to work on the house with Joel so we will see what happens. I would also love to go to my cousins wedding.... We could also go to church for the Huskers game and then we have a Common Ground meeting tomorrow night. Too much to do!!

Now for some TV and sleep :)

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Monday, September 1, 2008

BARROW Perserverance

You may have noticed that I haven't posted for a week... We just haven't had much house building time. Joel's evenings have been busy and even this last weekend has been busy. We went to church to watch the Nebraska game on pay per view Saturday and today Joel is going to be playing at a music festival in South Dakota. We did get more accomplished on the ducts and I am working at getting all the insulation stapled. It's frustrating that I don't seem to get anything finished. For example, I can't get the insulation above the stairs stapled because we need to board over the stairway so I can reach it...

We finally fixed the spot under the bathroom vanity that the little Fanny cat was getting in at will. As you see in the picture, she is a perservering little kitty and found another way! There is a lesson in that for us :)

Another highlight of the week was that Joel and I went to Menard's on Friday evening. We picked out our flooring so that was good and we bought two hot water heaters. One is for storage and one is for heating. But the most exciting moment of the night for me was walking to the end of an aisle and looking up into the storage area. There was the name BARROW on boxes of countertop!!!!!!!! Those were mine!!! I knew my cabinets were somewhere around there too, but I didn't see them. It was just a good feeling to know my kitchen is out there waiting to come home - I am looking forward to it.