Monday, June 30, 2008

Doors, doors everywhere...

Our house got doors this weekend and also more caulking around the windows. Joel and the boys went fishing yesterday. Ben had a big bass on the line that pulled the pole out of his hands. Thankfully Daddy was close enough to grab it before it went into the water and then he reeled in the fish!

Tonight Joel put a door in the trailer house between the living room and the hallway. We sleep on the floor of the living room on an air mattress (very comfy actually) so it is nice to have more of an "official" room of our own now. I have a friend who wanted to know where the pics of the inside of the trailer are... I told him that my house has been too messy to take pictures!! :) Actually, today I stayed home and cleaned house and did laundry, and also made Joel his long overdue Father's Day cheesecake. It was a good day.

Joel plans to stay home tomorrow and do concentrated home bulding - he's looking forward to that and so am I!

Thanks for checking up on us!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Helium Balloons of Life

Thing are slowing down in a way. Joel has been working on an addition during working hours and then he comes home, eats, catches a few zzz's in the recliner and then heads outside until dark. (Believe me when I say that with 5 kids running around, only a very few zzz's are possible! :) He is caulking the windows tonight. Tomorrow AM he plans on picking up the doors and a little more trim. He is going to go around the bottom of the house with a metal mesh stuff and he will attach the cement coat to that. THEN the rocks go on (we still haven't decided what kind of rocks we'll do) He doubts that he will reach his goal of getting all the outside stuff done by the end of June, but it has been a great month regardless.

I have been comissioned to get samples of our wood floor choices from Lumber Liquidators. We need to stain and finish the sliding glass door, but we really can't do that until we commit ourselves to a floor color. It is amazing how even though laying the flooring seems so far away, we still need to make the decision NOW. I think it's more fun to think about it then to make the actual decision :)

Joel mentioned tonight at supper that today would have been Art's 78th birthday. He would have been very happy about our house and I know he would have been very proud of his son. Art had a real way of communicating his approval to Joel. He had confidence in Joel's ability to do whatever needed to be done. I think that was a great gift and I guess since Art doesn't need any presents for his birthday today, we'll just think about the special things he gave to us!

If you'd like a prayer request, you can pray that I would be patient. Poor Joel, I told him that it will only take 2 days to wire, 3 days to plumb, 3 days to do HVAC and then we are going to be insulating and sheetrocking in August and I'll be moving in by the end of September!! A tired hard-working man really doesn't need his wife setting unrealistic expectations, but I confess I get a little carried away with my optimism. I told Joel the other day that his optimistic friends are the "helium balloons of life" and he just needs to let us lift him up. He said "well then, I'm the anchor..." and actually, the world needs us both!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soffit and Facia

Ok - I don't know how to spell "soffit and facia" and I am too lazy to look it up...maybe I'm right and maybe I'm wrong :) At least I have learned which is the soffit and which is the facia!

I included a pic of Jason and Gary B. helping with the window just so they could have their five minutes (or 30 seconds)of fame. :)

Joel is working on finishing up the soffit and facia - his goal is to completely finish the outside by the end of June. He has the entry doors to put in and we are still deciding exactly what to do along the bottom of the house. We want to do rocks, we just don't know if you want to take the time over the next few years and collect "real" rocks from South Dakota or just spend the money for the easy to install fake ones.

I also added some pictures of the inside. The picture of the paint colors are just a few of the millions out there to chose from. There was one that was actually called "dungeon" something or other. I think I'll pass on that!

I also stuck in a pic of the kids. After "Prince Caspian" Joel made them all swords. They have been using scrap lumber and have built themselves a pretty cool little fort in the cedars.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pluggin' Away...

Thursday evening Joel, his cousin Jason and Gary Binder put in the sliding glass door. I was a little disappointed in it because it was so heavy. I could hardly open it and Jonny couldn't open it at all. Well, tonight Joel took out a couple of wood blocks out that were used in the shipping. That took care of the problem :)

Yesterday I left with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a quick trip east for my sister-in-law's baby shower. We had a delightful time. It was great fun to take a road trip with just "the girls" and it was also very special to join in the excitement of a soon to arrive new nephew. He is already precious and sweet and we are anxiously awaiting his apearance into the world!!!

When I got home I found all the basement windows in the house had been put in and the sliding door is completely trimmed out and finished. Pray for Joel, when I talked to him this evening I could just hear the relief in his voice over all he'd accomplished. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to do everything NOW and it can't all be done right now! For supper he took the kids to the park for a picnic and then on to "Prince Caspian". He is quite the guy. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Up On The Housetop

The boys went up on the roof tonight and helped their daddy. They are braver souls than I am! Joel finished the ridge cap and after last nights hail and rain we will be very glad to have this house water tight. The trickiest part of being on a roof is getting off so Joel gave them a few pointers (both hands on the ladder!) and they did a great job coming down safe and sound.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots Done In Little Time

On Saturday when Gary was here, he asked Joel what his plans were for shingling. On Sunday while we were at Menards, Gary called to say that he had a crew that would arrive Monday at 5! I figured they would get about half the roof done. They started shortly after 5pm and left a little before 9pm and 4 guys got the whole thing done! Joel says that he has ridge vent/cap left to do, but WOW! What a great evening and what generous friends. Thank you Duane, Kent and Gary for all the shingling help and thank you Don for all the dirt work you did on our road!

Duane said "Take a picture of me doing what I do best"... Hahaha! He is a man of many talents but I know that sitting around is NOT one of them!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love you very, very much. You are a great dad and I appreciate your example and your friendship and your interest not only in how my life is going, but your concern for what's happening to those around you. You are a really good example of someone who would never claim to have it all together but you know how to keep running the good race! That gives me hope for me! Have a super day!

Also, Happy Father's Day to you Joel! I am so thankful for all the ways you show us your love. You make time for us even when life is crazy and I especially appreciated you "calling" the tooth fairy this morning when she forgot to put money under Jon's pillow. Hopefully she will make it here tonight!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Day

Today Joel papered the roof and we got the trash and scraps collected and hauled to the dump. Gary also came and spent several more hours backfilling. It's amazing how the dirt finally up next to the house makes it look like a "real" house! I am starting to envision where I will put some shrubs and plants and how far out we'll plant grass. Lots of fun stuff to think about. Gary also used the loader to get the majority of the shingles onto the roof. I helped him load the bundles and I can NOT imagine carrying just one of those up on a ladder. My dad says in his younger years, he carried two bundles at a time... Why didn't I get any of those muscles!?!?

Tomorrow we are going to go to Norfolk to save big money, big, big, money.... Or as I like to say, SPEND big money!!! Menards has plumbing and some electrical on sale and we are ready for that so we grilled our Father's Day steak tonight and Joel and I are headed out in the morning. Please pray for safety in our travels and wisdom as we stand in front of aisle after aisle of different sized tubing, pipes ETC. It is going to be a long day...

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Photo Op

Ever since we've been married, Joel has always had a "project", whether it was building traditional bows or playing his guitar, he just isn't the kind you find sitting in the house. So, that being said, having him work all evening on the house isn't much of a change. I was actually on the second ladder helping him carry the board up to the eave and I looked over at him and thought - That would make a cool picture, so here it is.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


What a day it was. It started with the long walls lying on the floor deck and it ended with the sheeting on the roof. The side walls went up so fast I hardly had time to get pictures! Thanks to Jim, Dave D.,Dale, Dave C., Matt, Scott, Kenley, Mark, Seth and Devon for their help. We have all the rooms framed out and it is so fun to see the paper plans become reality.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I will let them do the talking for tonight - Thank you Lord for a beautiful, safe and productive day and thank you friends for your prayers. They have been felt!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hope For the World

I don't know if every news website is the same, I imagine that they are, but Joel and I look at It seems like everyday there is some other outrageous or horrible story. It can get kind of depressing. Then there are people who come along in your life, they show you kindness and are basically on the lookout for ways they can help you. That can really make your day!!

Well, over the last two days we have been the benificiary's of that kind of kindness. Our friend Gary is not the type who would enjoy my going on and on gushing gratitude but let's just say that both Joel and I could not be more appreciative. He works hard from early til late and then has willingly spent time away from his family to backfill our house. Wow, it doesn't get much better than that! Building a beautiful house does not make me feel rich, but having good friends sure does! And while I know that he and his wife are some of the nicest people on the planet, their motivation in serving us is to serve Jesus. That fact encourages me to go and do the same, to look for needs to meet and ways to serve. Their help and friendship is "like a glass of cold water on a hot day." The great thing is that even though evil is everywhere in our world, we do have a light to shine. When we see the lights of our brothers and sisters it just makes it easier to shine ourselves. - Thanks Friend!

Tomorrow is a big day too. We have a crew coming to lift the long walls. Joel finished staining them tonight and they are ready to go up! Joel was up in the night last night adding more bracing to the end walls. The wind was just howling. Thanks for praying about that, they were still there when we got up!!! It will be a big relief when everything is tied together.

Thanks for checking in - I hope to have some great pictures tomorrow!! Keep praying :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prayer Request

I just wanted to ask you to pray for us, especially over the next few days, that these end walls would not blow over! We do have a chance of rain showers/thunderstorms and that could mean anything this spring! Pray that we would be able to get the house enclosed soon. Joel talked about the concrete/liteform being a big "push" time and now we are in the same mode until we are enclosed. Joel's schedule looks good as once he gets his concrete job done, he will probably have a day or so to get the other two walls up, hopefully early next week. He also needs wisdom on the best way to get it done. Dave and Joel put all the siding on and all the windows in before they stand it up and our southwest wall has 5 big windows plus a 6 ft. sliding glass door so it will be very heavy. (Sounds quite grand doesn't it : ), but after living in a basement for 17 years I say that no one will begrudge me on windows!)

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Can You Say...Dangerous?

When I thought about standing up the walls, I didn't really think it was a dangerous thing to do, just a little tricky. Seeing the process changed my mind! Thanks to Drew, Dave, Brad, Stan and Miriam for helping. It would not have happened without your help! Dave spent the morning helping us stain the siding and then Brad is here now helping Joel finish the bracing. It is all pretty amazing and I am excited to have a window actually placed into a wall in the vertical position!. I have already opened it :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Like a Wedding

Today Joel and Dave and our friend Gary got the end walls just about ready to stand up. The windows were also delivered. That was exciting!

I have decided that building a house is kind of like a wedding. Planning is very exciting and very fun as long you don't get overly concerned about every detail and remember that it is the marriage, not the wedding that is important. In the same way, it is our family, not our house that is important. A happy home is not about a beautiful house. (By the way, I could NOT be more pleased with how our house is coming along, we are very happy with it and getting very excited!)

Does it really matter that much if we choose ochre or redwood stain? There is honestly not that much difference between the two, so I would think that either one will look fine... It's just easy to think that these house decisions are really more important than they are. Putting too much importance on it all leads to second guessing and stress. With a wedding, tons of decisions going into a very special and important day, but it is the people involved in the day that make it special, not the event itself. Hoepfully we will keep that in mind as we continue on our house building adventure.

Well, back to watching Indiana Jones... The girls want to go to the new one coming out and they haven't seen any of the old ones. Joel came in about 10 and we started watching so it will be a late night! The girls just got back from camp this morning and it is great to have them home.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Castle

If you have a mote around your house, does that make your house a castle :) Joel and Dave finished the basement framing this morning while it was raining on and off. Their concrete job for the afternoon was cancelled by the cement plant. They did not want to take their truck down muddy roads, and they were very wise considering how the rest of the day went. At about 12:45 I checked the weather and it was nasty, so we packed up and went to Coralee's. We did end up going to the basement for a tornado warning but thankfully nothing materialized but very heavy rains.

When we got home we looked at our new house to see that we have a river! The tool box we were using was floating along the side and Tanny started barking at it, thinking "What kind of animal is that!?! It's a Dewalt yellow tool box, so maybe she thought it was a Dewolf :) HaHa...

Joel just got back with his sump pump and so now we are going to start a project that wasn't exactly on the wish list of things to do, but the next few days look nice so that will be helpful to get everything dried out.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Fun Part

Yesterday Joel and Dave got their current job ready for concrete. They have to wait until Thursday or Friday for the pumper truck to come so that means a little bit of time for them to work on our house! There was a 50% chance of rain, but thankfully that held off and they accomplished a lot.

They, with the help of our friend Chris from out west, put on the floor deck, finished the house wrap, put in a temporary stair case and then either finished or almost finished framing the basement rooms. It is so neat to see the plans on paper take shape. AMAZING was a word I used more than once!!! I spent some time sweeping out the basement while they worked to help keep things clean, but mostly just to watch! We also took delivery of a more building materials that will keep things moving along. Joel says that framing is a "fun part" and I would have to agree. Things are changing really fast at this point and while I know thre will be the slow parts, I am going to enjoy this!

The pictures are of Dave and Joel housewrapping, a view of the basement and "the" view from what will be our living room.

Thanks for checking in on us!