Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Eventful Day

Our trailer house made it! The mover had a hydraulic hitch so he could raise and lower the trailer to move it over the canal so that all worked out smoothly! Joel got to be the pilot car and he said that the only hiccup in the drive from Ainsworth to Long Pine was that our wide load met another wide load on the Pine Creek bridge :) The driver said that if you're going to meet another wide load, it will be on a bridge...

Joel and Dave got a lot done on the liteform. The goal is to get it ready to pour next week. He also wants to get things battoned down for the snowy weather that we expect on Friday. (Yes, if you aren't from around here, I did say snow!!!)

I worked on shortening up the miniblinds in the trailer. I've heard of basket weaving classes in college - I would sign up for a Miniblind 101 class! We hope to get everything ready to paint this weekend and hopefully move in next week!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hi Everyone,

You can pray for us tomorrow morning! The mover is coming to move the trailer!! Pray especially that he would be able to get in onto the property easily as you have to go up and over a short steep little hill (the road over the irrigation canal) and that could be difficult with a 56' trailer - Joel says he might get high centered. Pray for safety as well as he brings it down the road!

The well driller is going to try to be here on Monday and the plumber was waiting for the trailer to be set and then he said he'd be out here to do the septic. It is all coming together and we are really grateful. We are excited about "getting up there" and I am thrilled to finally have a view where I don't have to jump to see outside my windows!

The fact remains though - we have lived here for 17 years and it is going to be a little hard to say goodbye. But these kind of tears are good tears, no regrets just lots of memories and the closing of a very happy chapter.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Grounds For Divorce

Today was a very eventful day!! Pouring concrete is a 3 man job and Dave was out of town, so guess who the 3rd man was?!?! Yours truly. The process wasn't pretty but the slab is done! Joel was very patient - he said at lunch that he was swearing at me at times, but just not out loud :) First he had me try to pull the power screed on the "easy" side, but I had a hard time not pulling it off the opposite wall. I then was given the rake to pull and push mud to help level it in front of the screed, but it was too loud for me to hear his directions and I had a hard time telling if the mud was high or low (OK - sometimes it was obvious, but not always!) Then Joel tried to have me on the wall side, but I couldn't keep the screed on the wall very well and keep it moving at the same time. I joked that he would want to divorce me after seeing what terrible help I was... He said that my ability to run a power screed was NOT going to be grounds for divorce. Then after a particularly hard screeding session I said that he wouldn't have to divorce me, he was going to kill me :) I worked more muscles than I knew I had and I fell into the trench more times than I could count... When we finished, I looked behind me and saw the big dirt pile. That scene from Rocky came to mind where he was running up the steps, with his arms in the air and "Gonna Fly Now" blaring. I wanted to run up that hill - Yeah, we were done!!!!! :)

The electricity also came today - that was awesome. The kids also helped move the liteform pile onto the slab. They were a big time saver. Ben wanted to help too, and even though we wondered if he could, he helped and had fun doing it!

Thanks for checking in on us. Pray that we will get the well in soon and that the trailer moving will go smoothly!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Final, Final Snow! (I Hope)

If you live around here it will come as no suprise that the 2nd half of the slab did not get poured today. We have at least 6" of snow and slush on the ground. I almost washed and put away winter boots, gloves etc. earlier this week but thankfully I didn't get around to it. A few weeks ago when we had our 12", I predicted that was the final snow of the season. Good thing I'm not the weatherman!!! This puts a hiccup in the schedule but weather will be a major factor until things are enclosed. That is just the way it will be, and it will all get done sooner or later!

Yesterday I ran around town talking to people to make sure all the utilities were not only off, but physically disconnected from the trailer house. I also went to the court house and got the tax paperwork so that the mover can get a permit to move it out of town. Lots of little busy work. Kids are home today and I am trying to motivate them to CLEAN!! Matt just wants to be outside with his fishing net trying to catch cold, lethargic birds. :) The boys actually freed two sparrows that somehow got trapped inside the feeder so that made their morning! Jayne went out to check on the kittens and she said Fireball got right in her face and stared her down, blocking her entrance to the kitty house. I have never heard of a protective tomcat, but he is quite the noble Kitty.

PS. A friend shared this little bit of trivia. What do 67% of men actually like, but don't want to admit it? Answer: Their Cat :)
(Aaron that is especially for you!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Half a Slab

Real quick -

The slab went well, Joel didn't feel that he got the edges as "pretty" as he would of liked but otherwise, he was pleased. He also got the basement bathroom plumbing done and everything is ready for the next pour on Friday!

The trailer house mover will come look things on Friday and plans to move it on Monday. Pray that all goes smooth!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things To Be Thankful For

I wanted to add a little bit to yesterday's events. As we sat down for lunch I was feeling a little overwhelmed/amazed at the goodness of God. He has been so gracious and kind to us- not because we deserve it but because He is Good!!!! Anyway, another big event of yesterday was that our outside kitty had two babies. Ben was very excited about that!

I asked Him at lunch what all we should thank Jesus for. I said He gave us a house, food, baby kitties... Should we thank God for those things? Ben said "No, just the kitties." I thought that was pretty cute - Food and shelter just can't compete with kittens! I am very thankful for them as well, thankful that there are ONLY two!! (Nine kittens in one litter holds the current record).

PS Joel just called and said that slab is poured and things went exceptionally well. I asked him how he did on estimating his concrete amount and he said that they had a wheel barrow and a "little spit" leftover, so he did good! :) He is a little concerned that he left it a little long and won't be able to get it as smooth as he wants it with the power trowel, so stay tuned :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Win, Win, Win

Today was a really good day. Joel met with the LiteForm supplier first thing this morning and got a lesson in LiteForm 101. The day went really well and Joel thinks that he could be ready to pour the first half of the slab tomorrow.

The trailer house we had wanted to buy has been offered as a gift to camp. We talked to a couple of the board members asking about the possibility of exchanging our payment for moving it and fixing it up for the opportunity to have it on our place for as long as we needed it. Then camp could then move it down into the canyon or sell it or whatever. It seems like a Win, Win, Win situation! The board will have to talk it over at their next meeting but if camp doesn't want to go this route, we will still buy the trailer, but I think it would serve camp well!

Thanks for checking in on us - we appreciate your prayers and encouragement!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ha Ha Ha

I have a fun quote from Joel this morning. Dave came out and they dug the center footing and dug in the lift station for the basement bathroom. They had planned on everything taking until mid-afternoon and then they were going to go fishing with the boys. It was about 10am when they finished and Joel said "Everything is just going a lot faster than I think it will..." :) HA HA - I am going to be right... The optimist will prevail :)

The Liteform man is going to come on Monday morning to show Joel how to glue down the first course and show him something about how to do the corners. I guess they used to use cleats with Liteform and now just glue. Joel said he could start on it today but I agree that it is probably better to find out the "right way" to do something rather than doing it and finding out it's wrong, then tearing out etc. SO it is a good day to fish! I am going to plant some grape vines and get rid of a lot of my boys' toys while they are at the lake. We are being very, very picky about what comes to the trailer house and what lives in storage. I went to the thrift store yesterday and I recognized LOTS of the kids' clothes... I would look at something and I think, Oh, this is so cute, and then realize it was something that I donatated!

I think we have decided on our trailer house... The mover is going to come look at it next week. The wheels are very silted in and that can be a big problem, so we are going to get a little expert advice before taking the plunge. I do have several paint samples picked out so I am ready to make it my own!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Up With The Baby...

Last night while we were working on the leveling the grade I asked Joel how he was going to move the lite form since they had used a forklift to unload the big stacks. (You can see it in the picture below) He said "No problem, it's light as a feather." Well last night I woke up at a little after 3am to the ROAR of the wind! My first thought was, "LITEFORM IS BLOWING ALL OVER THE COUNTY!!" I didn't want to bother Joel will my worries, but then I heard a sigh and asked him what he was thinking about... Same thing. SO, we got up and checked on it. On the way over, he slammed on the brakes once and backed up thinking he saw some in the ditch, but thankfully it was just a chunk of something. We were really relieved to see that our baby was fine and we were all worried for nothing but the wind was REALLY blowing at 3:30 this morning! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Frosting a Cake

Well, it's dark outside and my husband is still working on the house... We ate supper at 4:50 (a first but I imagine not the last), he went up to get started and then the boys and I followed after dishes were done. We had a little bit of snow left to scoop, but most had melted.

We are working on leveling out the dirt for the slab. It was really fun. I used a long rectangle thing on the end of a long handle to push and pull dirt. I kept telling Joel that it was a lot like frosting a cake. He just gave me a weird look... Poor Joel, I'm sure I drive him a little crazy, but I was actaully helping and not hindering the process so I guess he will have to put up with me!!!

We are close on finding a trailer house. I think we will make a definite decision in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for your prayers - we do feel like we are getting some good direction and God is making things clear :)

PS Joel is home and he said that the secret to his late evening was a 7pm slammed can of pop, bag of M&M's and half a sandwich...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still Looking...Keep Praying!

We made a nice little trip into South Dakota to look at the 3 bedrom trailer yesterday. It was great to get out after all the snow!!! The trailer had a huge living room and kitchen, unfortunately it would take a lot of time for Joel to get it livable. The doors and several windows would all need replaced, the floor was bad in spots, obvious signs of leaking in other places. It would also need all new floor covering... SO we continue to be in the market :) Joel has made a very good point that he wants to spend the summer working on our house, not fixing up a temporary trailer house! I can appreciate that. We do have a couple of 2 bdrms that look good and so it may be that we are just at the point of deciding between them. A 3 bdrm would be wonderful, but we can make a 2 bdrm work. It is honestly so good to be at a place where we truly appreciate the stuff we always take for granted, like our own bedroom!!!

In my crazy moments I'd like for us to build a little log cabin and be pioneers. We could be our own "Frontier House" (reality show on PBS) In my sane moments, I realize that our log cabin life would be great fun for all of about 3 days... :)

Thanks so much for checking in on us and especially for your prayers!!!! God is at work and we just want to be patient and trust Him.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Twists and Turns

What a day, lots of "God what are we supposed to do about a place to live???" prayers. We got pictures from a dealer on a couple of places, we decided not even to go look at the one that is only 500 sq ft. We were thinking about the very first one we'd looked at, 2 bdrm, 2x6 walls in good shape in Ainsworth and decided to call a mover in South Dakota to get an idea of what the moving cost would be. It turns out that the mover has a 3 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath in ROUGH SHAPE, he would move it for $4000.00We are going to go look at it, it has a new furnace and if it is in structurally good shape, that would be a great deal! Also, a dealer Joel had called in Colorado has an office in Scottsbluff that is managed by a former camp alum! Small world - he has an option for us also on a 3 bdrm, so we are getting closer to making a decision! So all in all, it has been a good day, we are snowed in like everyone else, but I heard a rumor that Spring really will arrive! :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life Continues...

Not a lot going on here! The lite-form was delivered yesterday. Joel was awarded the ceremonial "FLEXX BLOCK" cap in honor of his purchase :)
He started the sentence "I just spent $XXXX.00 on liteform" and then I finished it..."and all you got was an ___ cap" :) Those flexx blocks will soon be under 6-9 inches of snow, but that is really not a shock for April.

The trailer house trip planned for tomorrow will probably need to be postponed. It just sounds like it will be a good day to stay home! Hope you all are lucky enough to be able to stay off the roads.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Good Day

Today was good! Joel got the footings poured with Dave's help. It has worked out really well this spring that they are between "big jobs" and are keeping busy with some smaller jobs where they get done quickly and have a few hours to do stuff on our house! Joel was just a little frustrated that he had done everything he had to do and still had a couple of hours he could have been working... He has two meetings tonight so it was nice that he had a couple of hours to spend with the kids!

Our trailer house saga continues. We are going to go look at a 3 bedroom 10x55 on Thursday. COnsidering that the very small 14x56 was only two bedrooms, it is going to be really interesting to see where they squeezed in an extra room and what that left for the rest of the house! The asking price is only $900.00 so that is pretty attractive! :)

Thanks for checking up on us!

"Prayer Request Of The Week"

I imagine that there will be lots of prayer requests every week, but I think the most urgent item for now is the trailer house dilemma. We really feel that we need to make a decision and purchase one this week. That would give us roughly 3 weeks to have it moved and connected to utilities. That time frame might even be pushing things so we need to get that settled! We've had a couple of leads on some other places so we just need God's direction, which He is faithful to give in His time...Just need patience and wisdom!

You can also pray for Joel today as he gets the footings poured. His goal is to get the basement done by the end of April and to get the whole house enclosed by the end of May. That sounds good to me! I will just say that Joel's and my "move in" dates that we have sealed in our wager envelope are almost exactly a year apart, his being a year later... I'm the optimist.. :)

Thanks for checking up on us!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little By Little...

Today our friend Gary came and helped Joel form up the footings. They got the rebar in, the forms are leveled and ready for cement. That turned out to be a nice little Saturday project. THANKS GARY!!!!!! Just another little piece of the big puzzle that will be our house :)

We are still looking for a "temporary" house. The tiny trailer we looked at last week has come down considerably in price and we have a couple of leads on some other trailers. We need lots and lots of wisdom!

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trailer For Sale NOT Rent

Today I found out that there is only one late model 3 bedroom single-wide trailer in the state, and it cost way more than I'm willing to spend. I'm hoping that I overlooked at least one trailor that wasn't pre-owned by mice or other vermin.

One dealer said "Don't spend any money on one of those - get a real cheap 2 bedroom and live in it. You can do it" he said "it'll just make everyone appreciate the new house all the more." I told him I have 5 children and one wife. We talked about the pioneers raising ten kids in a sod house with only a curtain for their one bedrooms wall. Much as I hate to say it, his advice seemed like the closest to direction from God that I have gotten in this whole process - it felt like it anyway.

Another dealer said he had one for $9000. When I told him I wasn't going to buy one for that price he said he'd make a couple calls and try to bring the price down for me. He called back in about 15 minutes and said "bad news Joel. I can't let that one go for less than $10,500, and it may be spoken for in Gillette WY for $17,500". I wondered if even a shrewd salesman didn't want me to have a 3 bedroom trailor. I was pretty sure he said he needed it off his lot and that he was never gonna have another one like it again cause they were hard to sell.

And then there was the salesman that spoke a foreign language. I just hung up on him. Maybe tomorrow we'll know where we're going to live?!?

Joel for the Barrows

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Wager

Today Joel and company finished up early on the job they were doing in town and so they came over to our place and dug out footings.! They almost finished the whole thing, I helped a little. My shovel was defective, or I could have dug circles around those poky men :) Actually, for as little as I did, I think I will be sore in the morning. I need to do that kind of work more often! I imagine with concrete coming in the near future, I will get my chance.

We have also come up with an idea to put a little family fun into the building project. We are all going to put our projected "Move In" date into an sealed envelope. We are going to be designating all of our spare change from now until we move into our house for the winner. The only catch is that the winner will have to spend the money on a pre-approved project (no iPods...) I am thinking things like a ping-pong table, basketball hoop, some outside landscaping stuff or other general house stuff. My real purpose for this is to prove that I am right and we will move in sooner than Joel thinks!