Monday, March 31, 2008

Diggin' In The Dirt

Well, this morning started out with 4-6 inches of snow. The kids actually had their first snow day of the year and I can tell you they were very excited. I figured that the weather put the brakes on dirt work for today, but by this afternoon the snow was melting and the digging began. We didn't know exactly what we'd find under the grass, but we have about 2 feet of beautiful black dirt, then sand, then gravel. That was good!

One thing I have learned so far is that whatever we do, we are going to second guess ourselves. We've been thinking about this house for a long time, we've made lots of decisions but we've also changed our minds hundreds of times!!! Once you actually start, there is no more changing. When we ordered the liteform, it "cemented" the decison. There are just so many options and lots of good options. The digging is close to being complete, so no more changing where the house will sit :)

I'm also learning that there is a difference between perfection and excellence. We can get really uptight because we want it to be "perfect". We are not going to build the perfect house. Only God is perfect! We can build a house that is nice and adequate for our family, but it won't be perfect. It doesn't need to perfect either. I do think it's going to be great!

So far it's been lots of fun (for me!). I had a good time holding the measuring stick for Joel as he ran the transit and it was amazing to watch the bulldozer. I've never seen a big machine like that work "up close" and it really was pretty cool!

Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Little Too Little

Hi all,

We looked at the trailer house and the short story is that it is just too small. The 2nd bedroom was about 6' x 10'. The living room and kitchen were nice size and Joel considered moving the bedroom wall into the living room, but the trailer is just not in good enough shape overall to justify any effort.

We are considering renting a house in town, but the dog and cats complicate that. I'd also like to get a nice big garden started and it would be a little harder to manage that if we weren't living there. Anyway, we will wait and see what happens! I have taken almost all of my pictures off the wall so the reality of moving is starting to set in!

Digging is scheduled to start tomorrow and we also plan to get the final shopping list to the lumber yard. Pray that our list would be accurate and that the digging would go well!

Thanks for stopping in!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Fun Has Begun!

Well, last night we finalized our window sizes and colors. The toughest decision was how many egress windows to do in the basement. They are pricy, but we went with 2. There are 4 bedrooms, but we feel that all 4 windows are "exitable", the egress ones are just a little bigger. We also picked out facia and soffit colors and shingles! It was fun. I guess the one thing I keep telling myself is that whatever color combination or style of stuff we pick, we will eventually get tired of it. I remember back in the 80's when ruffled shirts were popular. I lOVED those and couldn't imagine them going out of fashion :) Needless to say, country blue, mauve, geese and even ruffled shirts have come in and gone out, so the colors I love today will be dated someday. I am determined not to obsess about things like the color of a roof, especially considering the many millions in our world who have no roof at all!!!

This morning Joel is meeting with the plumber and the well driller. Monday our basement is scheduled to be dug! That will be an exciting day. We also need to go look at a 2 bedroom trailer house today in town that is priced right. Seven people in a 2 bedroom trailer house (about 700-800 sq. ft.) might seem insane, but it's temporary. Another thing is that I think living with just the bare necessities would help my kids learn thankfulness. A wise parent once said that the way to teach your kids to be thankful is to give them less, not more. We might just see if he was right!

Thanks for checking in on us!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Full Steam Ahead

Well, we have signed all the papers for the loan and the land and now we are ready to go. It doesn't quite feel real at the moment, but I'm still excited. Joel called it "Mt Everest" a few days ago and now calls it "Chernobyl" GOOD GRIEF - he says it with a smirk, but he just has more experience with the building process than is good for him at this point. I only have a few assumptions.
One: It will cost more than we want it to.
Two: It will take longer than I want it to.

I want to be wrong on both accounts -

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Prayer Requests

Here are the things that we'd appreciate some prayer for!

*Safety in the building process

*Scheduling for the well, materials, septic etc.

*A reasonably priced 3 bedroom trailer house that we can set on the land while we build

*Peace and Rest

*Financial disicpline, wisdom

I'm sure my list could go on! Joel calls this house building project "Mt. Everest". I'm oblivious enough about life that I think it is a nice, rolling little hill to climb, maybe we'll break a sweat, maybe not - Ha! I do realize my ignorance, but ignorance is bliss so I'm OK!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Little House on the Prairie Begins...

Well, I decided that when we recieved notice on our loan approval, I would start blogging about the house building process "for posterity". Mostly, we need PRAYER, but getting the money was the first step, and that has been oked. I am one of those who kind of holds my breath until something actually happens. "Don't boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what tomorrow brings!" I guess though I also need to be "joyful in hope" - I am excited, Joel who sees the reality of all the work and sweat, is happy but more on the stressed side than I am.

Next step is to close on the construction draw down loan and then close on the land and then GET STARTED - Fun, Fun : )