Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Great White Hunter

Today was the last day Joel could hunt before the season ended and so he braved the 50 mph gusts and headed out. He said that his goal was to get to his stand after lunch and be in his pickup by 4pm with a deer.... He actually had his doe before 3! Not often does the plan actually work "better than planned". We are happy to have the meat for the freezer.

He also finished up the ceilng sheetrock in the basement and started on the remaining walls. As happy as we are to be "in" the house, we are still pushing to get DONE!

Talk to you later!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving OUT!

We moved into our big house on the 13th of December but we didn't really move out of the trailer. I have carried a few boxes since then, but today I enlisted the kids. I came to the conclusion that I did not do enough packing... I had the idea we would just carry stuff over from and it would be a few easy trips. Ha Ha Ha - the laugh is on me :) It was a good day though, temps in the 40's and I would say that we got the kitchen and living room 75% cleared out. We need Joel for the heavy stuff like the desk and filing cabinet etc. I am really looking forward to that trailer being EMPTY! I am also looking forward to a big trip to the thrift store - maybe more than one and maybe one after the kids are back in school and I have free reign over some of their "not so precious" possessions :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the fam from Christmas morning. It was quite a happy day!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! It was relaxed and that was nice. Hope you also enjoyed the day and had a chance to spend some quiet time thinking about the "reason for the season!"

We have had overnight company last night and so that was fun. Today we got a few more things out of storage. The above is a picture of the mud room. I am really happy with how it turned out. I want to get a metal trash can for the pet food, but other than that, I think my mudroom is pretty much taken care of! It is so nice to have a place for everyone's stuff!!!! Hopefully everyone else will share my enthusiasm for a place to put thier shoes, mittens, hats and coats.... The wardrobe is a Hand-me-down for Joel's family and the little dresser is from my side. Both need some TLC - but I'm the kind that likes the old stuff. Joel just had a birthday and is complaining about feeling older so I guess the fact that I like the "old stuff" is good news for him :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few Lights and Flooring

Here are just a couple of pictures that show the light in the great room and a couple of the pendants over the peninsula. Ben was a big help with the flooring. He would take the pieces to Daddy. He was pretty proud of himself!

"Guess that one's Hot!"

I know that I have been pokey about posting pictures! Here are a few - our camera cord has been over in the cold trailer and Jayne went and got it this morning. I was over there too and when we touched the bathroom shower curtain it just crumbled away - it's so brittle - it is just SO cold!!

The kids have gotten right to work in the new kitchen and made cookies. These pics are from last week. Last night they made MORE cookies, so we are packing away the sugar. If we were hibernators, we could make it through to Spring!!!

Hopefully I will post more pics later - Joel is putting up lights today. He has been doing lights and switches/outlets for the last few days and I have heard "Guess that one was hot" a couple of times :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

In the Nick of Time!

We are all in the "big house" now! My folks came down this morning and worked hard hauling very large loads out of storage. (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!) Thankfully we only had a mile or two to drive because I think with the chair and mattress pile we really looked like the Beverly Hillbillies! :) The kids are very excited and we are too. I got most of the kitchen put away today and I have EMPTY cupboards and shelves.... WOW- that is just so cool to me :) I don't have any desire to fill them though, you would understand that if you could see the boxes of "stuff" I have to stash in other spots. We have the floor in the bedroom, greatroom and kitchen and trim left upstairs and then almost all of the sheetrock left to hang in the basement, so this is just another step but we are going to enjoy it rather than think about all that lies ahead! Believe me, we will enjoy sleeping in our own bed for the first time in 7 months and even though our furniture is on the very worn side, it is so great to sit down on a couch!!! We had just made due with one recliner and a little wooden rocker which was fine, but you really learn to be appreciative of a place to sit when you go without for awhile.

Joel is over here in the trailer turning off the water. It is forecast to be much below 0 tonight and for the next few days. Praise the Lord that we were able to get moved today with the great weather (it was in the 40's). The pipes froze here in the trailer when it was 20 degrees, they would be doomed at 20 below! Hopefully the big house will stand the "cold test" coming up :) Our phone is still hooked up to the trailer, so hopefully they will get the temporary line moved this week. Obviously there is still a lot of house building ahead, so my blogging will continue...

Oh By the Way... My date for moving into the house? December 16th, 2008!! Just say "Wow. she must be a genious" :)

Talk to you later!

Better run - have more to haul!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pecking away...

Well, Joel is just finishing up the edging in the great room - it is very exciting to see it all come together! I made a concerted effort to stay in the trailer today and clean, do laundry etc. I told Joel at lunch that a bomb going off in here would have made it look BETTER!!! I have 6 1/2 baskets of laundry waiting to be put away, the washer and dryer are full and probably another 4 loads to go.

We have also started the process of getting all of our boxes from camp. I would say we are over half finished with the boxes and will do furniture next weekend. YAY - that is the plan but we know how those plans can change...

Tomorrow we are expecting snow, so maybe the kids will be around and they can help with the loading and unloading of boxes. Matt is my master packer, the other day he would come back from the van and say we have room for ____ big boxes or ____ small ones. He is really growing up and seems to be the happiest when he's helping.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Days

Just a quick update before we head to town. We're going to Madagascar II and the boys are already out in the van. We aren't leaving for 10 minutes... :)

The Great Room is textured and will be ready for primer/paint tomorrow. The kitchen sink is ready for garbage disposal installation and the countertop is attached to the cabinets. I shop vac-ed the floors but that is about all I contributed - Joel says that my sanding technique is lacking. He says I sand like I am trying to unearth a fossil. (very slowly, carefully and methodically...I enjoy it!)

Joel adds that he has been working like a mad-man with very little appreciation from his wife or anyone :) (Poor baby)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Houses Will Rot!

We had a great/wonderful/fantastic Thanksgiving! So good to see so many family members and we enjoyed the together-time. There is a new baby on each side of the family and it was funny how every eye just seemed to fix on those little faces :)

On Friday we had both sides of the family down to see the house progress. That was fun. My mom brought down the leftovers from Thanksgiving and we sat around in camping chairs and mud buckets and had a great little lunch. Then on Saturday Joel and I left early and went to Menards. I calculated my weekly mileage and it was 200 miles on Tuesday, 300 Wed., 150 on Thursday and almost 300 on Saturday! Lots of going... At Menards we picked up our orders and also shopped for odds and ends. I said to Joel a couple of times "I am done... I can not shop any more..." His reply was "Get tough! You can do this!" I have never ever thought of shopping as an endurance event! (Menards needs a little coffee bar...) We were there for about 4.5 hours so that was ENOUGH!!! Then we had to go all over the yard to get our vinyl, countertop and refrigerator. We got everything home safe and sound so that was the important thing.

I had a phone call from a friend today with good news for their family. I had been feeling a little "stuck" on house progress.... Seems like everything is going slower than I want it to, but their answer to prayer just made all that frustration vanish. I can tell you that God answers prayers and has the power to do anything. The eternal things are what really matter - houses will rot, but lives will not!
Thank you Jesus on behalf of my friends - you are always at work behind the scenes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jayne News Flash

Nothing earth shattering to report! I really liked her doc, he spent time explaining things and looking at her old x-rays. He was going to send her for a CT scan and then decided that he didn't really like the views they took in Ainsworth, so he just redid her elbow x-ray. That told him what he needed to know. Basically when she broke it before, it did not "remodel" correctly and doesn't ride perfectly in the socket. It is also a little dislocated. Surgery could actually make it worse. If they did succeed in giving her more range of motion towards her shoulder (flexion) it would reduce her ability to straighten her arm - SO - in the last day or so she has gotten some improvement, not able to flex it as much as before her accident, but enough so she can touch her face with her hand. That is going to be good enough for us :) That joint is just going to be a little touchy...

One funny... The doctor's name is Bruce Wilkinson. His name just sounded so familiar so I asked him if he ever does outreach clinics in Ainsworth or Valentine and he doesn't... I was really puzzled as to from where I knew his name. It was not until I was sitting at a stoplight that I put together the fact that Bruce Wilkinson wrote the "Prayer of Jabez" and "Secrets of the Vine" Oh well, my brain cells do kick in, just a little slow at times!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!! So much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the $1.65 gas I bought in Kearney today :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is a promised picture of the yellow! Really though, just like the kitchen colors aren't even close on my computer, this yellow in the pic doesn't look nearly as "vibrant" as the one on my walls....

Our weekly plans have already shifted around for the week. Jayne and I are leaving early on Wednesday for the orthopedic doc in Kearney. Pray that all goes well if you happen to think of us!

The Week in Preview

I am sitting here with Ben on my lap trying to type(he has set my computer-time timer for 10 minutes...) and since it is Thanksgiving week, I wanted to give you a heads-up on why I don't exect to get much done on the house and why you can also pray for us if we come to mind!

I emailed a pediatrician friend about Jayne's arm and he thought we should get her in to an ortho in a "reasonably brief period of time..." I will be making some phone calls on that today. Tomorrow is a big day of work, then I get to go to Gregory for Mike and Tegan's baby shower in the evening!! Yay - can't wait! :) Then Wednesday our little Ben turns the big 5! Obviously, Thanksgiving is Thursday. I love Thanksgiving - we will go to Gregory for dinner and here in Long Pine with Joel's side in the evening. Friday we hope to have some family over to see our house, eat some soup etc. LOTS going on, it looks to be a super week, just need to prioritize and not waste my time piddling and fiddling :)

The time just went off.... See you soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Again, again, again and again. (AND AGAIN!)

I took Jayne back to the Doc this morning because she can bend her elbow to about 90 degrees and no more!! I don't feel like they were able to tell much from the x-ray, basically it looks fine and if there isn't marked improvement by Wednesday she needs to be seen again... The girls went to a "High School Musical 3" party and then to see the show. I would be in bed now, but I have to go to town to get them soon.

I discovered that if you want to get rid of sheetrock dust you have to sweep, sweep again, then again and again. Then you get the shop vac and go over the whole floor with a little 4" attachment. Then you get the mop. After you mop, it will dry and look like you smeared sheetrock mud-dust all over the floor :)

Joel finished the first coat of mud in the great room, so there is progress there too!

Talk to you again later!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Owwie for Jayne

Well, yesterday Joel finished the edging, outlets, switches and started on mudding and taping the great room. I worked on scrubbing floors and moving junk! Then my plans were changed when the school nurse called to say that Jayne had fallen down in PE and hurt her wrist. Jayne's story was that she flipped "like, 500 ft" into the air and had no idea how she landed. This morning her neck was sore, she has scrapes on knees and an elbow in addition to having a nasty sprained wrist. We are happy it's not broken!! but that doesn't make it easier to get dressed, write, draw, play piano, do dishes, put away laundry or any other of her daily activities. I was her homework scribe last night and I imagine that will continue for a little while at least. (I learned how to make a split bar graph on Civil War statistics...) :)

Today I am just tackling laundry... Hopefully I will get back to work in the big house this evening!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night....

Today Joel set cabinets and hooked up outlets. The electrician is going to come out tomorrow to show Joel something on the GFCI's. Apparently they were supposed to be labeled a certain way and weren't so they aren't so straightforward. I got all the painting done. Joel is going to do the edging, so my part in the painting is done for now. Wednesday my plan is to clean the big house from top to bottom. Tomorrow I leave for work at 6am so not a lot planned for me tomorrow besides "real" work!

The camera batteries are dead so no pics of the yellow mud and laundry room. Just imagine a bright sunny day and you will just about have it - just don't forget your shades! :) I told the girls that they need to remember that 90% of the yellow will be covered up, so while it is pretty intense, it won't be so shocking when it's all put together.

"Talk" to you again soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ma and Pa

Mom and Dad were here yesterday, they worked hard and we accomplished a lot! I told my Dad that if he did a really good job mudding the seams, I was going to claim all his work as my own and impress my husband. Mom said that they did not raise a liar...

Today I was just going to clean my house and not work in the big house, because the trailer is MESSY/DIRTY! but I decided to just clean my bathroom, throw in a load of laundry, make Matt wash dishes and then go paint! I wanted to see my yellow on the wall. One thing about Joel adn I is that we may not be the type to ride roller coasters or climb mountains, but heck, we ain't afraid of color! I painted a wall, then stepped back a ways to look at it, and my first reaction was WHOA! I will go take a picture of it and you will see what I mean (I do like it...) :)

Thanks again Mom and Dad - you are a lesson is self-sacrifice, kindness and generosity!! I love you both very much (and not just because you do stuff for me!)
Joel is guiding this weekend - it is rifle deer season. His hunter got a deer yesterday so he will be home soon and able to work on the house this week!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


We were holding our breath, very pleased with how all the cabinets arrived in great condition, they were all the right size, fit correctly and then WHAM - we got to the very last peice of countertop and the Menards computer had put the overhang for the counter into the kitchen, so we had about a 10" span of countertop hanging over our drawers and cupboards!!! Anyway, all is well, Menards said it was their mistake, they are replacing it but it won't be in until the first week of December...

Oh by the way - I DO like my countertop with my cabinets :) Nice to finally see it all together.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unorthodox construction ways

Hi all,

Real quick, We are hanging cabinets! :) Joel is happy but not happy at the same time because the carpenter in him says, we are NOT doing things in order!!! That grates on him, but I appreciate the fact that he wants to get us in the house and is willing to be a little unorthodox in his construction timetable. The uppers are done, the lowers are out of the box and he plans on working on them more tonight. I have already decided what goes into what drawer, cupboard etc. I can't imagine how it will feel to have a separate drawer for my potholders?!?! That will be great :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Painted Walls!

I painted and painted and painted yesterday and got the priming done, two coats on the ceilings and 1.5 coats on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom! I was pleased.

Today, I spent some time touching up some spots and have some touch ups yet to do on the ceiling. Joel helped with the painting last night and hooked up some lights and also worked on organizing all the tools/materials he has collected in the house. I will admit that we just want to sit and look at it :) I don't know what the color looks like on your screen but it is a moss-olive green, we really like it and can't wait to see how it all looks when the kitchen gets put together!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Joel's Conflicted Heart

Joel stayed home today, finished sanding and also textured the kitchen,mudroom, laundry room, master bedroom and upstairs bath!!!! I am planning to paint tomorrow. If the weather cooperates, Joel is planning to sit in his treestand. That is what his conflicted heart is all about... it is optimal deer hunting time and he has hardly been out hunting! In the picture where he's holding the masker and looking out the window, can you guess what he is looking at... YES, IT's A DEER!

Thanks to Coralee for coming today to help clean. You can see all the dust in the air in the pic, but it is all cleaned up now!!

Lord willing I will have some post paint pictures tomorrow night, we shall see!

Thanks for stopping-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Jump on the Snow...

I needed to make a Menard's run this week and after looking at the weather I decided that we'd better go today! It was gorgeous in Norfolk - 67 degrees and cold here at our house, so I made the right move. Ben and I had a great time. He got a little tired of riding about 40min out of Norfolk, but he made it and we had so much fun! I did get a refrigerator today, I had priced one in town and saved myself over $300 on that alone. We have also decided on vinyl instead of tile, and I found some that I really liked. Carpet decisions are going to have to wait. Joel wants plush, I want frieze. That is going to be a hard compromise, but we'll just keep looking...

I also had a wonderful phone call from my interior designer friend. I told her what color we'd chosen and she confirmed our thoughts on how/why it works so well with the cranberry cupboards. She also told us what color to get for the ceilings, so Yay! That was so helpful. It's one thing to have a gut feeling about something, it's another to have an expert tell you "why" you have your gut feeling :) She takes the self-doubt out of it :) (Thanks PamT)

Stay Warm and thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


November is such a great month becuase we just get to focus on being Thankful!!

- I am thankful that no matter who wins the election, it doesn't change the fact that God is always "on the job" and "in control"!

- I am thankful for the gorgeous fall weather - wow, since when did we get 70 degree days in November :)

- I am thankful for a husband who works tirelessly to get this place done!

- I am thankful for the kids enthusiam for helping in the big house!

- I am thankful that I found the right color - FINALLY!! I have a color theory I will share sometime, when I have a little more time... The body color we chose in not the light green above, but the more olivish-green... (We like it!)

Thanks for checking up on us!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Happenings of the Day

The goals for this week haven't quite been realized, (Suprise!!) :) But lots of progress has been made.

First of all, our anti-social cat Caddie finally decided to let the remaining kittens hang out with her. She usually hisses and spits at them. I'm not sure what made the change but her disposition is sweetening!

Second, the door finally recieved paint! That was my task for the day and Joel did the places I couldn't reach. I hope you haven't been holding your breath waiting to see what color I picked... :)

Third, all that will be remaining in the kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, bathroom and master bedroom before sanding is just touchups and outside corners! I think Joel's seams look awesome and since we are going to texture I could just forget about the sanding, but Joel is not going for that idea. We hope to be painting next weekend.

The frustrating part of the day was picking paint colors. Joel got a quart of "laurel" in town this morning its not what we want. It just shouldn't be this difficult! I have another color I want to try so we will see how that goes on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you are enjoying the great weather!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Martian and A Dragon

The kids had a good time tonight - I thought I should post their pics! I only had two trick or treaters this year, the other ones are growing up I guess...

What have we been doing in the house? Mudding, mudding, mudding, mudding... you get the picture!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Color Wars

I knew it was coming....

I like sage green to the gray side. Joel likes sage green to the green side.... I'm not quite sure how we are going to reconcile this one but surely with the CAZILLIONs of color chips in the world, we will find one we both like! Decorating together has always been a painful process, but it always works out when we're patient and wait to find something we both are ok with, it turns out better than either of our individual ideas. It is just kind of a frustrating process!!!

I want to go grayish sage so that I can use barn red, chocolate brown and gold accents here and there. I think too much green in the wall color would make it a little overwhelming and with the cupboards leaning toward red, I think we need to be a little more nuetralish on our walls. I have seen gold walls with the cranberry cupboards and that was really nice, but we will have mounted deer on our walls, and I think they would feel more comfortable with an outdoorsy sage. :) Ha Ha

Last night we got more mud on those walls. It will be a never ending process until Christmas at the very least before we get the whole basement finished. I must actually have arm muscles because they are sore this morning! I wanted to get into a little better shape for softball season this next summer (I'd like to be able to at least throw the ball to 2nd!) so if I can keep up the mudding workout I will be in fine form!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

On the March!

I thought I should have at least one picture of me doing something on the house... Jayne took my picture loading the hopper :)

The lumber co. delivered the blow-in- insulation this morning so we spent most of the day working on that. It was just a perfect day for it, Joel didn't roast in the attic space and I didn't freeze outside. Just enough breeze to keep the dust out of my face and not so much that the plastic wrappers blew to the next county! (The next county is actually just across the road...) We did have a major clog that took about an hour to fix, so that was a drag, but it is all done!!!!

We also worked on mudding - our goal is to get the kitchen, laundry room, mud room, mst bedroom and bath all ready to texture by next weekend. Not a small task but we are well on our way. Joel gave me a seam mudding lesson and I had one really great seam, but I have been going a little down hill... Beginners luck maybe!

This last week was hard. Weather was terrible and everyone but Joel spent some time feeling sick. I came down with it on Tuesday, and this morning was actually the first day I felt like eating anything so it just hung on and on and on!

It has also helped to get back into the goal setting mode. I don't think we've actually achieved a goal yet, but somehow it still keeps us motivated! We would like to move in by Thanksgiving. The day before T-day is Ben's birthday. I think it's kind of funny that I picked his birthday for his "bet" on when we would move in. He could actually get it right "to the day". Amazing! We have a friend who said she was going to pray that we could move in by Thanksgiving and Joel and I both thought that was probably a little ambitious, but now we are seeing a little more light at the end of the tunnel and it might just happen!

THe kids also did a lot today, they worked on cleaning out the garden. I hate looking at a messy garden all winter so they raked, hoed, pitchforked and took loads in the wheelbarrow to "the pile". They worked really well together with no supervision. Their good attitudes were VERY VERY appreciated!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Heat Pump

I have heard from two people now on my lack of posting.... Sorry! Jon got sick with the flu last Thursday and as soon as he got better three more kids were under the weather. I am flirting with feeling gross too.

Last week our septic installer came and trenched the discharge line for the heat pump. His trencher broke down and so he backhoed most of it. Joel wanted to make sure the heat worked before our weather changes (It's changed!) He spent a long time on the phone with our friend Ron, wondering WHY will this heat pump will not work!!!!!!! It was frustrating but thankfully it came down to the thermostat not being calibrated with the type of heat pump we have. I think it was just a matter of pushing a few buttons! We have to be careful not to generate dust, that is very hard on the unit, so we are mudding, taping and NOT sanding or hanging.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Suprise for Dave!

Just a quick update...

This weekend Joel got the trailer skirted and insulated for winter. I really don't want frozen pipes, so that's a good thing, but hard too since we just want to work on the big house...

Last night Dave and his family came for supper. I made chili and Kristen brought cornbread. Then the guys hung sheetrock in the basement and accomplished an amazing amount of work.

One funny thing happened to Dave. He and Kristen had driven separately so he didn't know she was there yet. When she went into the house and saw our countertop she thought it looked like one of the samples they had picked out. Dave had the sample squares in his wallet so she walked up behind him and reached her hand into his back pocket. Poor Dave, he thought that he and Joel were the only ones in the house and so his reaction was pretty priceless. :)

Pray for us, I personally am getting a little beat down by the whole process. We are at the point where we want to be done!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We buried one of our kitties today. Lil' Mittens got sick on Sunday or Monday - we had her inside in a laundry basket and then this afternoon she passed away on the sunshiny front step next to her mother. (that is probably the way to go if you're a cat!!!) The boys had her funeral and Matt even gave her a one BB salute. Jonny was especially sad though because Lil' Mittens was his special kitty. LM was survived by 4 siblings; we don't know for sure if they are sisters or brothers. So at least he will still have some kitties to play with -

Jon said that whenever he felt sad he would just go and get her and she made him feel better. That is probably the perfect eulogy for a pet!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Mud Men

Kristen was gone yesterday, so Dave brought the kids for lunch and then he and Joel spent the afternoon bedding seams. They got a lot done! Joel and Dave work together every day and I usually ask Joel what they talked about. He says "Nothing, we just worked" Now I know why they don't talk... They have their iPod so loud its like a major rock concert :) I think it keeps them moving though cause they go pretty quick

Thanks Dave - we really appreciated your Sunday afternoon help! (I also appreciated the fact that you did not let my superior nail hole mudding skills intimidate you...)

Thanks for checking up on us!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pressed Down, Shaken Together - Blessed!

Luke 6:38 "Give and it shall be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into our lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

Today the kids were big helps. Jon and Matt helped to carry the flooring out of the way so Joel could finish hanging the sheetrock in the kitchen. Jayne helped mud nail holes and they just about all have one coat of mud! The sheetrock is now all hung upstairs. We had some Tin Roof Sundae ice cream to celebrate and Jayne said that we needed "Sheetrock Sundae" but I don't think they make that kind...

We also have some friends from Omaha here tonight helping start the sheetrock in the basement. They came to do some work at camp and brought us all their leftover pop, snacks and casserole!

A few weeks ago a gal at church told us all about a family who needed food. I had a small box and a big box and Luke 6:38 kept coming to mind. I really thought, "Man, we don't have a ton of money, how much of our food should I be giving away...." I was honestly feeling a little stingy but I just thought, it's for Jesus, I am going to fill the big box and the verse kept going through my mind..
Since then I feel like we have just been "dumped on" with food, apples, eggs, chips, pike ETC. Lots and Lots of wonderful blessings, so much more than we gave. No one can ever out give God! I am just amazed and very thankful.

Famous Last Words

Funny but sad!

Last night as we were going to bed, I told Joel "The only thing I want is to be done with the house before this mattress springs a leak....

Fast forward 2 hours and we are stuck with our heads and feet sticking up and our "heavier parts" sinking to the floor. NOT comfortable - another ruined air mattress. (Unless we're lucky and can find the leak) I know we both said "this is miserable" more than once! I think the plan is to get Jayne's queen bed out of storage, get rid of the entertainment center and have a real bed vs. a tv. I am looking forward to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Joel is going to try and finish the upstairs sheetrock. We have parent's night this afternoon for Beth's volleyball, so we will see how it goes.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Cold Is Coming....

I have been busy mudding nail holes and I've talked Joel into letting me do the horizontal seams on the walls. It's a fun job but I will be at work today and tomorrow, so no big house work for me.

Pray for us about what do with the trailer as it starts getting cold. I am voting to just shut off the water before it freezes and rough it; going back and forth to the big house, but my husband wants to skirt the trailer, convert the furnace to propane and heat it. As I see it, the problem is that he likes to do things right, and I don't care so much about the "right way". :) He is a good guy and just wants us to be warm and have water, but my cheap, pioneering soul wants to save money and time.... I just want to move into my big house!!!!!

The saga continues...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Great Room

Thanks Cousin Jason - they came up this weekend for some R&R and Jason spent most of his Saturday afternoon helping Joel put up sheetrock in the Great Room. IT's DONE!!! They finished up, shot some clay pigeons with the kids, then we went down to camp for a spaghetti supper and now they are headed out to Joel's aunts to watch the game. What a nice day!! Kris and I went to the thrift store and I found a bunch of blue jeans for the kids and even a pair for me :)

It's hard not to become obsessed with house building at this point, still lots to do, but sheetrock makes the place start to look like the end is in sight. We still plan to finish the upstairs before we start on the basement and we are well on our way!!

FYI: The picture of Joel and the hoist is a shot of the platform we had to build to hang the peak. Our sheetrock hoist only goes 11 feet and the ceiling is a 12 footer so it was a little tricky, but it is all done and that is such a great feeling.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Good Shock!

I got home from work yesterday evening to see that we now how walls! Joel took off early and sheetrocked the laundry room, mud room and adjoining hallway. It was amazing to see the actual room - Now if I can just get my seam tape lesson, I will be ready to start the mudding process. We plan to sheetrock, mud, texture and paint everything upstairs except the kitchen. Then we will move the stuff out of the kitchen and finish that room. It is happening faster then I expected and it is exciting!

Note in one of the pictures: yes, that is blood on Joel's face. That sheetrock can be pretty mean stuff :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Everyone and Their Dog!

What a morning! I looked out the window to see a big truck with an even bigger stack of sheetrock coming down the drive. While I can't imagine how unloading 212 sheets of sheetrock, the majority of it 12-footers, on a Saturday morning would be anyone's idea of fun, our friend Dave put together a big crew. Thanks to all!!!!!!! It was just plain hard work, but there were no complainers and thankfully God kept everyone safe and "backs intact". Toby and Scotty brought their little puppy Bullador "Hershey" along, very cute and very sweet. Puppies are always fun.

I posted a pic of Joel hanging the first sheet of sheetrock - we got the whole side of the cathedral done and one sheet up in the bedroom. The shorter ceilings are going to go a lot faster. We are very thankful to be on to the next phase, but trying not to think too much about how long it's going to take... Just trying to focus on everything we've already accomplished!!!!!!

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